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Luke Productions LLC

Luke Productions has created films internationally for over a decade about topics as broad as world water usage to a personal view of how a person's life is impacted by Cerebral Palsy. Honored with 50+ awards from film festivals, our work has been featured in television, print, and on the web. Luke Productions continues to make films that garner awards, and more importantly, bring valuable and meaningful themes to audiences.

Luke Broyles

Luke Broyles is an award-winning film director, producer, editor, and writer that is involved with almost every aspect of filmmaking through years of dedication and hard work. He created Luke Productions in 2005, based purely on a vision of sharing ideas that would captivate and motivate people to take action for worthy causes. Using film, he strives not only to delight, but influence the world around him.

Have an idea?

We are interested in your ideas and potential projects! If you have a concept for a film, an idea for a documentary, need a commercial for your business, visit the Contact Us page. Luke Productions' work includes short films, feature films, short and feature documentaries, PSA's, commercials, promotional videos, and taking part in speaking engagements.